What is AllCover Coast Swim?

AllCover Coast Swim is a swim from Nieuwpoort to Ostend, or from Ostend to Nieuwpoort (+/- 16k m, with the current. The swimmer gains about 2 km/u because of the current on top of the speed he or she is swimming. You can swim individually or in relay (with 2, 3 or 4 swimmers)

(AllCover Coast Swim is organised by vzw Ommeweg)


Temporary dates for 2024:

15 – 19/06
14 – 18/07
29/07 – 01/08
14 – 17/08
27 – 30/08
12 – 15/09
26 – 29/09
Registrations for 2023 opens on Monday Dec. 15th. 2023

When necessary (bad weather) we will add new dates. Those will be communicated on time and the number of participants is limited to 40.
If you want to be updated on registration or free spots, please fill in our mailinglist here

Weather window

For all  data, there will be only 6 or 7 days selected. So some flexibility is necessary as a swimmer, because the weather plays an important role and is not always predictable. Further agreements are always be made with the swimmers themselves.


Participation in relay

You have been swimming minimum 2km during an open water competition or minimum 3km in an open water training. Or you finished a half IM distance triathlon (official competition)

Participation individually

You have been swimming minimum 5km during an open water competition or min 7km during an open water training. Or you have finished a full IM distance triathlon (official competition)

Without wetsuit?

If you want to swim this event without a wetsuit, you have to be able to show us a result (as described above) without wetsuit (can still be done the coming months before the swim) if you can’t, you have to swim with a wetsuit.

Medical certificate

The athlete has to be able to proof to be in good health. This is possible by showing us a triathlon license (VTDL) or a license for open water swimming (zwemfed)


The participants are expected to prepare well for this adventure and to also train at the coast, there will be a couple of training sessions in Gent in open water (in May) and a couple of training sessions at the coast in June, dates will be shared with the participants

Our head sponsors

Our sponsors

Nieuwpoort - Oostende / Oostende - Nieuwpoort

16 kilometer open water swimming in the North Sea

Marieke Blomme

Coaching – general

+32(0)‭498 59 41 45‬

Stephanie Smet

Logistics – inscriptions – general

+32(0)‭475 41 22 07


  • Price

  • Included

  • Extra's

200 euro/person per team of 3
260 euro/person per team of 2
380 euro/person individual

Support with boat
Official time registration
Navigation plan
Coach on the boat
Supply Etixx (coach feeds the athlete)
Showers at arrival

Finisher t-shirt
Goodiebag (AllCover, Sportzot, Varen)


+32(0)498 59 41 45

+32(0)475 41 22 07

Mo. - Fr. 10:00 - 17:00